Even the highest quality hair extensions can dry out over time, particularly as the weather heats up.  This is because your hair is usually nourished by sebum (oil) from your scalp, which keeps your hair feeling soft and moisturised. 

However, hair extensions aren't attached directly to your scalp and therefore don't receive the same nourishment, and need help to stay silky soft.

At Platinum Lockz we're big believers in using natural, organic products on your extensions - these are the closest replacement for the natural oils of your scalp. 

Synthetic treatments to make your extensions silky again won't actually treat the problem and will just mask the dryness.

Our organic hair care range is produced right here in Australia and has been developed specifically for the after-care of human hair extensions. 

hair extension care by platinum lockz australia

If your extensions are in a sorry state, don't despair! Here's a step by step guide to get them looking their best.

1. Brush your extensions thoroughly to remove any tangles and get them looking as smooth as possible (one of our detangling brushes is ideal for this!)

2. Wash with gentle, moisture rich shampoo - our extension shampoo has been developed to deliver direct hydration to the hair cuticle. 

3. Apply an intense moisturising conditioner (if your extensions are very dry, we recommend treating them with a repair mask).  If you're looking after clip in extensions, you can apply this all the way to the clips; if your extensions are permanent, apply the treatment to mid and end lengths only.

4. For clip ins, lay the extensions on a towel and allow the treatment to work its magic overnight. For permanent extensions, tie your hair in a loose plait and leave it in overnight.

5. Rinse your hair in the morning - it should now be beautifully nourished, tangle free and silky smooth!

7. Repeat this process at any time your extensions begin to feel dry or brittle.  In between treatments, ensure you use a high quality, natural product developed specifically for hair extensions - these will ensure your hair gets the moisture it needs, allowing you to wear your extensions for much longer!

Danielle HowKee