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Micro Beads | #5 Brown
Nikoleta Soravia


20" Tape Hair Extensions #60A/Ice White - Ash Platinum Blonde

Great colour

Was looking to match my hair colour so picked this one and great colour match gives my own hair a lot more volume!

Free Platinum Lockz Detangler Brush
Bianca Jeffers
weft extensions & detangled brush

ive tried many other brands of wefts and tapes in the past, but nothing compares to platinum lockz!!!! the hair is so thick root to ends, it does not mat or shed, just perfect! I will never use anything else in my salon. Thankyou

Nano Mars bar

Lovely colours in here and great quality too. It would have been even better if they came with the micro nano beads as well.


Beautiful colours, amazing quality and customer service. 👌

Colour was off

I usually like to buy from Platnium lockz but diassapointed my last order was not at all what I wanted. I ordered 01b thinking it was black it looked like a level
6 with a red tinge have messaged the company still haven’t heard back if the batch was faulty ..

The have a pink undertone and are not as glossy

22" Flat Track Weft Hair Extensions #60A ICE WHITE
5 star

This is by far the best quality hair I have ever brought. After years of buying extensions these are 100% without any doubt THE BEST. After 6 months in and being lifted, they ars still soft & long. Highly recommend PL. I won't go anywhere else.

22" Flat Track Weft Hair Extensions #613 Beach Babe
Bianca Jeffers

I’ve previously tried other brands of wefts the last few times. And nothing compares to the quality of platinum lockz!!!!
I can get away with very little styling with these wefts and they don’t Matt , shred or go frizzy and static.
I will never try another brand again.
Can’t recommend enough

Nano Beads #13 Blonde
Naomi Carruthers

Nano Beads #13 Blonde

Hair extensions


Keratin Bonding Iron /Heat Gun

Excellent quality tape hair extensions

Free Platinum Lockz Detangler Brush
Emma Anderson

Best quality and best customer service, highly recommend!!!!

Would not recommend

Unfortunately, these are the worst tape replacements I've used. I've been doing my own tape extensions for years and have never had a problem with other companies tape. I bought a new set of tape extensions from Platinum Lockz, I waited the usual 48hrs before washing my hair after installation and they ALL fell out in the shower. I didn't think much of it, so I retaped the extensions with the replacement tabs, once again waited 48hrs to wash my hair and again they started falling out in the shower, and the ones that didn't fall out in the shower started to slip or fall out while blow drying my hair. The shampoo and conditioner I use is made for hair extensions and I have used it with other tapes with no issues. I have now had to go and buy a new set of tape from another company and I have had no issues with fall out. The hair extensions I bought are GREAT quality and highly recommend. It's unfortunate I have not had the best experience with tape tabs and would not buy again.

Free Platinum Lockz Detangler Brush
Love this brush

Perfect for use with my extensions. Doesn't grip them and rip them out like normal brushes do. I won't use anything else.

5 star 100%

These are probably the best quality tapes I have brought in years, the tape is sooo sticky and sturdy. The quality of hair is amazing. They don't curl and frizz after washing. Easy on the purple shampoo ladies it takes really quick. 100% will be recommending these to everyone. Great hair love love love them.

First time weft buyer

Hair is perfect, so excited to put it in!

I am soooooo in love with Blue

the 20" tape Boisterous Blue Extensions are amazing.... I love the bright colour, get an amazing comement at least once when ever I am out in public

Free Platinum Lockz Detangler Brush
Brooke Collicoat
loooove this brush

The Detangler Brush works a treat, I looooove it

Tape Extension Remover
Brooke Collicoat
Love it

Works well


I loved these extensions when they arrived and couldn’t wait to get them in my hair. Customer service is excellent and the extensions quality are fantastic. Just extremely disappointed that after one wash, the grey tone went extremely dark into an almost mauve colour. Can’t work out why it happened. Colour comparison to another nano grey extension I had.