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  • What is the difference between Synthetic Hair and Remy Human Hair Extensions ?

    Synthetic Hair and Remy Human Hair Extensions are two different types of hair extensions, each with its own characteristics and qualities. Here's a...
  • What is the best type of shampoo for hair extensions?

    When selecting a shampoo for hair extensions, it's important to choose a gentle and sulfate-free formula that won't damage or weaken the extensions.

    **Recommendations from Extension Brands:** If you have a specific brand of hair extensions, they might recommend certain products that are compatible with their extensions. Checking their recommendations can be helpful.

  • Tape Hair Extension Hairstyle Ideas for Special Occasions

    Tape hair extensions are a semi-permanent type of hair extension that uses tape adhesives to attach the extensions to the natural hair. They’re the...
  • How to Choose the Right Clip In Hair Extension Length and Colour

    Clip-in hair extensions are a type of hairpiece which use a clip to attach the extension to the natural hair. Ours are made from 100% Remy hair, wh...
  • Get the Perfect Hairstyle in Minutes with Clip In Hair Extensions

    Do you have thin or fine hair and want to add extra volume and length? Or looking for a quick and easy way to change up your look without damaging ...
  • Hair Extensions for Different Hair Types and Textures

    If you've ever wondered why your hair looks different to your friend's hair, or why some products work better on your hair than others, it's becaus...
  • Hair Extension Care Tips: How to Keep Them Looking Great

    If you're one of the many people who've decided to take the plunge and get hair extensions, congratulations! You're in for a world of new possibili...
  • Festive season styles with hair extensions

    With the festive season upon us, we know that many of you are looking to create some new looks for upcoming parties and of course for Christmas Day itself. 

    One of the easiest ways to achieve this is with hair extensions.  Here's our guide to creating some amazing looks for the silly season that will have everyone talking (for the right reason!). 

  • Dried out extensions? Here's how to fix them

    Even the highest quality hair extensions can dry out over time, particularly as the weather heats up.  This is because your hair is usually nourished by sebum (oil) from your scalp, which keeps your hair feeling soft and moisturised. However, with the proper care, you can revive your extensions to a silky soft state.
  • 5 products we can't live without

    As the saying goes, life isn't perfect but your hair can be!

    Here are 5 products we promise will deliver you your best hair yet.

  • 5 Hair extension myths BUSTED

    We get asked a lot of questions every week, many of them from people who have been curious about hair extensions for a while but haven't yet taken the plunge. 

    Often the reasons behind people being hesitant is that they believe some of the untruths surrounding hair extensions, so we're here to bust some of those myths.

  • Have a great hair day, every day

    While a lot of us shower our skin with attention, we are often far less kind to our hair.

    Overusing heat tools, tearing at tangles and applying a wide range of (sometimes) harsh chemicals can mean we end up with frazzled follicles.

    So if you've been guilty of not treating your hair the way it deserves (and it shows) here are our top tips for a great hair day, every day.