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Platinum Lockz was born in 2008 by the visionary founder Danielle Howkee.

Danielle was a professional who loved to wear hair extensions. For many years she tried every brand looking for the very best. Then one life-changing experience would result in a game changer for Australia’s hair extension industry…

Danielle visited a well regarded Australian hair salon and purchased a full head of bead extensions – within days the extensions matted together in a giant mass of tangles… she knew in that moment she (and the rest of us!) deserved so much better.

Then began her quest in earnest, scouring the world’s market for the very best hair extensions. What followed was the creation of an empire.

Danielle has developed a divine range of Platinum Lockz hair extensions and products to ever increasing standards. She travels around the world, personally sourcing the very best quality hair. She currently provides over 300 Australian salons with Platinum Lockz Hair Extensions and Platinum Lockz 98% organic hair-care. Danielle ensures that Platinum Lockz hair extensions are comfortable, tangle free and natural looking – as only the highest quality hair extensions can be.

Please Contact Danielle HowKee via email at  Feel free to follow us on Facebook where you can see all our latest products and salons using our products, we look forward to hearing from you.

Colour Chart

View the Colour Chart List of all the colours available in our Platinum Lockz Hair Extension range

Black Night Hair Colour

#1 - Black Night

Natural Black Hair Colour

#1B - Natural Black

Chocolate Brunette Hair Colour

#2 - Chocolate Brunette

Rich Brown Hair Colour

#4 - Rich Brown

Bella Brown Hair Colour

#6 - Bella Brown

Light Brown Hair Colour

#8 - Light Brown

Dirty Blonde Hair Colour

#12 - Dirty Blonde

Butterscotch Blonde Hair Extensions

#14 - Butterscotch Blonde

Sexy Cinammon

#18 - Sexy Cinammon

Medium Blonde Hair Colour Extension

#22 - Medium Blonde

Natural Blonde Hair Colour

#24 - Natural Blonde

60 - Ice Princess

#60 - Ice Princess

99 - Berrylicious

#99 - Berrylicious

Beach Babe Hair Colour

#613 - Beach Babe

Mars Bar Hair Colour

#P3-27 - Mars Bar

Sunkissed Hair Colour

#P12-613 - Sunkissed

Light Ash Blonde

#P22-27 Light Ash Blonde

T1 - Silver Hair Colour


Caramel Dreams

#T2/5 - Caramel Dreams

Seductive Hair Colour

#T3/613 - Seductive

Chocolate Delight

#T4/18 - Chocolate Delight

Caramello Hair Colour

#T8/12 - Caramello


Blue Hair Colour

#Blue - Boisterous Blue

Pretty Pink Hair Colour

#Pink - Pretty Pink

Punk Purple

#Purple - Punk Purple

Red - Ravishing Red

#Red - Ravishing Red