While a lot of us shower our skin with attention, we are often far less kind to our hair.

Overusing heat tools, tearing at tangles and applying a wide range of harsh chemicals can mean we end up with frazzled follicles.

So if you've been guilty of not treating your hair the way it deserves (and it shows), here are our top tips for a great hair day, every day.

1. Tame the tangle

Our first tip is one of the most important - never attack knots and tangles while your hair is wet, and especially not with a regular hairbrush. 

Your best bet is to ensure your hair is free of knots BEFORE you wash and condition (using something like this). 

Once you're done you can gently work a detangling brush or wide toothed comb through your hair - but since you brushed it before washing you shouldn't have a mountain of tangles to work through.

2. Cool down

Try to avoid using hot water on your hair when rinsing; however if you can't bear using cold water (especially during the winter months), try to finish off with a cool blast at the end - as cold as you can manage.  This will help seal the cuticle and provide a smoother finish.

3. Silky smooth

To further prevent tangles and breakage, try using a silk or satin pillowcase.  This will also help preserve any styling, making the next morning easier to get ready. 

Added bonus? A silk or satin pillowcase can also prevent premature lines and wrinkles - win win.

4. Take care

When using heat tools, make sure you protect your locks with a heat protection spray to minimise any damage.

Additionally, you should treat your hair to a specialised hair mask every week or so - the right product will leave hair silky, detangled and frizz-free whilst improving shine and elasticity.

Make it part of your weekly self-care routine and your hair will thank you for it!

Danielle HowKee