If you're looking for a natural look, no doubt you want your extensions to blend seamlessly with your own hair.  But how do you achieve that when purchasing extensions online?

1. Always match your extensions to the ends of your hair, rather than your roots. 

Your natural hair will be sitting on top of your extensions, so it will mostly be the ends that are visible.  Your ends are also usually lighter than your roots; so if you want perfectly matched extensions, your colourist can tone the top of your extensions to blend seamlessly with your own hair.

2. If in doubt, go lighter.  

If you're umming and ahhing between two colours, go with the lighter option. You can tone or colour your extensions darker, but you want to avoid bleaching them lighter wherever possible to keep them looking their healthiest.

3. Close enough is good enough

Most hair has some colour variation in the form of highlights and lowlights, so you can think of your extensions in the same way - so long as the colour is a reasonably good match (and from the same family, whether it be a red-based colour or a more ashy hue) your extensions will blend beautifully.

4. Still not sure? Just ask us.

We're always here to help - you can message us via chat on the website, Facebook or instagram, or at info@platinumlockz.com.au.  You can send us some images of your hair in natural light and we will do our best to find you a match made in heaven.

Danielle HowKee