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Micro, mini and nano tip extensions

If you’re looking for heat-free, high-quality extensions that last, Platinum Lockz’ micro, mini and nano tip extensions are for you. These are perfect for pin-pointing areas where you want extra volume, or to achieve a highly targeted look anywhere on the head....

Installed near the roots of your tresses via tiny, metal beads, these panels allow for ultimate control with minimal maintenance. Each attached piece grows out with your natural locks, with the ability to easily remove and re-use.

However you style your hair, the beading will stay invisible, especially with the right choice of colour. Check our chart for guidance, or ask one of our gurus to ensure you find a perfect match.

Enjoy gorgeous locks with a natural look

Here at Platinum Lockz, we source the highest quality Remy human hair from around the world. That means that each pack goes the extra mile – and with the right hair care, you’ll wear them over and over again.

With our micro or nano tips installed, you’ll enjoy exceptional value from every investment. With your cuticles aligned, the double-drawn Lockz are mat-resistant and smooth from tip to end.

Be sure to brush every day to keep tips aligned. For best results, re-apply an inch from your scalp to minimise root matting. As a general rule, 8-12 is a safe re-application time.

Are nano tip extensions good for thin hair?

The beauty of microbeads is that they allow for ultra-fine control. For most hair types, these styles give that filled-in, natural look – but if your tresses are super fine and wispy, nano tips are the way to go.

The tiny beads are applied using a loop threader, which attaches to strands near your scalp. The ultra-fine beads allow for highly controlled placement, making the installed pieces blend evenly; especially on extra wispy stands.

Used as highlights or to fill sections in for a look that is natural and seamless. Curl, braid, or style any way you like – these Lockz stay securely in place!

Do nano tip extensions ruin your hair?

Unlike keratin bond hair extensions, nano tips are completely heat-free, making them a great choice for dry or damaged tresses. Applied straight onto freshly washed and conditioned hair, they stay connected for as long as you leave them, allowing healthy locks to grow out to your desired length. This is perfect for those who want to skip the wait time while their hair reaches the desired length.

A slight tightening sensation is normal upon installation, fading after a day or two. After that, you won’t even feel that they’re in. Installation is more fiddly than with other types of extension, but our experts are more than happy to help. Feel free to reach out and ask us for tips, tricks, and advice!

All orders over $200 come with a free brush to help you maintain healthy, high-quality Lockz.

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