We get asked a lot of questions every week, many of them from people who have been curious about hair extensions for a while but haven't yet taken the plunge. 

Often the reasons behind people being hesitant is that they believe some of the untruths surrounding hair extensions, so we're here to bust some of those myths.

hair extensions by platinum lockz australia

Myth #1: Hair Extensions Are Expensive

We hear this a lot, and totally get it.  While good quality extensions aren't cheap, they're certainly a lot cheaper than they were years ago.  And if you spend a little more getting quality extensions from the beginning they'll last a lot longer and look a whole lot better - average out the cost of extensions over a few months and they cost little more than a coffee a day (but will make you feel soooo much better!)

Another option is a ponytail extension - these vary in price from $200-$300 but if you look after them properly these can last for years, and are a worthwhile investment that allow you to switch up your look with ease.

Myth #2: Hair Extensions Will Damage My Hair

This is probably one of the biggest myths about hair extensions and it's what stops a lot of women going ahead with them.

However, if you use quality extensions and have them applied by a skilled hair professional - and follow an appropriate hair care routine to avoid tangles and breakage - your hair should remain unscathed and just as healthy as it was prior to extensions.

Myth #3: Hair Extensions Can't Be Styled

Not true! Hair extensions can be worn in many styles, provided you choose natural hair extensions.  As they're real hair, you can do anything you like in terms of styling, cutting and colouring.  But of course - the more care you take the better the results and the longer your extensions will last.

bridal style with extensions

Myth #4: Hair Extensions Are Difficult to Maintain

Quality hair extensions, correctly applied, don't need regular professional care. Provided you follow the after care instructions provided by your stylist, ongoing maintenance is surprisingly easy and hassle-free! 

Myth #5: Hair Extensions Are Uncomfortable

Choose a reputable, experienced stylist to do your extensions and you shouldn't experience much discomfort at all - either while they're being applied or afterwards.  

The only time they might feel a little uncomfortable is the first day or two after application while you get used to the sensation; after that they should feel as natural as your own hair.

If this bothers you, and you're still after extra length; you can choose ponytail extensions for a less permanent look that still provides a lot of fun and glamour.


Danielle HowKee