If, like us, you can't get enough of that beachy look but have always wondered how you can achieve it at home, here are our top tips for achieving effortless, tousled and sexy waves.

Start be prepping your hair - this will depend on your original hair texture and whether or not you're working with freshly washed hair.  If your hair is super fine and/or silky you might want to add a texturiser (such as our Ocean Mist Spray or Voluminizing Dust Spray) for added body and hold.  

And because you'll be working with heat tools to get this look, it's always a good idea to add a few spritzes of protectant (like our Moisturising Heat Protection Spray) to keep those locks looking luscious.

Using your straightener (we love the MUK Style Stick) feed small sections (around 3cm) of hair between the plates. Twist your wrist away from your face so that your hair flows over (not under) the iron and make sure your hair continues to wrap around the outside of the iron as you pass through to the ends.  

Alternatively, for a more relaxed wave, simply form pieces of your hair into a letter S shape, and clamp with the straightener for a few seconds.

If this sounds too tricky, you can also try making waves by simply plaiting your hair and running your straightener over the braid a few times - experiment with different sized plaits to see what works best for you.

Danielle HowKee