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Buy invisible & tape-in hair extensions in Australia

Made from premium, 100% Remy double-drawn human hair, our invisible tape-in extensions look and feel silky smooth. As one of the easiest products to install, these panels are perfect for those who are just starting to add length and volume, or who want a temporary solution....

Invisible from the moment you install them, the flexible, easy-to-apply strips feel super comfortable and lightweight to wear. Growing with your natural tresses, they stay in for as long as 12 months before it’s time to remove and reapply. Up-dos, waves, and heat styling are all easy to do with these premium pieces in place!

Find everything you need to apply, remove, and re-install these fantastic products right here at Platinum Lockz.

How long do tape extensions last in my hair?

Invisible tape-ins are one of the longest lasting options in the Platinum Lockz collection. Lasting for up to 12 months, they integrate naturally with locks, without pulling at the roots of causing damage.

Just like keratin bond hair extensions, tape-ins are bonded to your locks. The adhesive takes from 24-48 hours to completely cure. We recommend avoiding washing your hair or excessively sweating within that time period to allow the bond to fully adhere and cure.

It's best to start on conditioner-free, clarified hair. Once installed, the adhesive grips to the cuticle, forming a strong bond that lasts. For extra longevity, treat these products with Platinum Lockz’ 98% organic hair care, developed specifically for maintaining quality and shine.

The silicone and oil-free formulas ensure that panels stay in place as your hair grows, never slipping or sliding out!, When it’s time to remove, simply go in with the Platinum Lockz removal solution, soak, and gently slide out. No damage done.

Order invisible tape hair extensions from anywhere in Australia

Supplying over 1,800 Australian salons with the highest quality tape-in extensions, Platinum Lockz sets a high standard for premium products. Available online throughout Australia, we make it easy for you to access invisible tape-in extensions from a trusted local source, anywhere in the country.

Like nano and micro tip exntesions, these heat-free options are great for dry or damaged hair. The low-impact panels stay securely in place as locks grow, moving along with the natural hairline.

12 months is the recommended use time for one application – after that, you can remove them and reapply. We recommend leaving an 8-12 week gap in between installations to allow panels to settle and refresh the adhesive.

Fresh threaders, pliers, adhesive and beads are available from our site, all at salon-quality standards. With colour spanning from natural shades to bold, bright reds and blues, creating the look you want is simple, fast, and easy.

Enjoy FREE delivery on all orders over $200, wherever you are in Australia. For further advice, contact our team today.

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