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How long do my hair extensions last?
Our clip in hair extensions can last anywhere from 1 year to 2 years. It all depends on how you take care of them and how often you use them.

Is there a difference between human and synthetic hair?
Human hair is treated just like your own. It can be curled, dyed, straightened washed and styled! Synthetic hair can’t be heated or washed and is very hard to match blend in to real hair. They are considerably cheaper as they are made of plastic fibre.

How long does my own hair have to be to use clip in hair extensions?
Your own hair should be just below your ears. This means your will have enough hair for the clip in extensions to be virtually invisible!

How long does it take to put in my clip extensions?
The clip in hair extensions should take 5 minutes or less of your time. It is very time effective. Once you get used to putting your clip in hair extensions it should be a breeze.

What are clip in hair extensions?
Clip In Hair extensions are attached to your natural hair through a method that is temporary and is attached by clips. It is an easy and affordable way to extend and add luxurious locks and volume. It takes seconds to transform your hair!

No Fuss! You can use them every day for any occasion!
Colour Chart

View the Colour Chart List of all the colours available in our Platinum Lockz Hair Extension range below.

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#1 - Black Night

#1B - Natural Black

#2 - Chocolate Brunette

#4 - Rich Brown

#6 - Bella Brown

#8 - Light Brown

#12 - Dirty Blonde

#14 - Butterscotch Blonde

#18 - Sexy Cinammon

#22 - Medium Blonde

#24 - Natural Blonde

#60 - Ice Princess


#613 - Beach Babe



#99J - Berrylicious

#Red - Ravishing Red


#Pink - Pretty Pink

#Purple - Punk Purple

#Blue - Boisterous Blue







Chocolate Delight

#T4/18 - Chocolate Delight


Caramello Hair Colour

#T8/12 - Caramello


#P3-27 - Mars Bar