Returns Policy


No returns will be accepted if the hair has been treated or maintained with products other than the Platinum Lockz Organics Hair Care Range.

Platinum Lockz Hair Extensions & Supplies are quality guaranteed only when the complete Platinum Lockz Organics Care range is used, and our Platinum Lockz Maintenance and Care Guide is followed.

Please check your goods thoroughly, any damages/faulty products should be advised within 24hrs.

Hair cannot be accepted back if it has been coloured/toned incorrectly.

All products must be returned in original packaging.

Shipping costs will be invoiced for replacement items.

Goods remain the property of Platinum Lockz until Invoice is paid in full.

For all warranty claims approved by Platinum Lockz Hair Extensions & Supplies we will replace the product with the exact style and colour match as originally ordered. Customers will receive a credit for wholesale value if replacement is not commercially possible. A credit or a replacement preference needs to be specified when completing the Returns form and will be at Platinum Lockz discretion.


Using products that are NOT part of the Platinum Lockz Organic Hair Care range will void your hair extension warranty.

All hair is sold on the condition that the purchaser thoroughly wash and check the hair to ensure satisfaction with the quality BEFORE it is applied to the wearer and BEFORE the bands are removed.

We do not accept returns after the hair has been applied to the new wearer.

No returns will be accepted if the hair has been treated or maintained with products other than the Platinum Lockz Organics Hair Care Range.

Please note: From time to time there may be variations in colour baths which are beyond our control.

Wavy Hair – Due to the perming solution sometimes the colour is slightly different, please check and return if not happy.


We do not recommend the colouring of Platinum Lockz Hair Extensions, or the use of toning shampoo and or conditioners. This action may void any warranties, please refer to our returns policy.

All warranty and quality guarantees are waived by Platinum Lockz hair extensions & supplies if the Platinum Lockz product has been toned/dyed.


For the best results always Razor Cut

ONLY Sharp Razors to be used when cutting

Texturising Scissors can be used for thinning, always use on a diagonal angle to avoid any blunt lines

Layer Extensions into the clients hair to make them look and feel natural


For Wavy Hair to look its best use the same product you would use on the clients wavy hair ie. Mousse / Sea Salt Spray

The Wave will drag down if the layers are too long

If their hair is frizzy / spiral – please order the WW (Waterwave) Hair

Wavy Hair is slightly different in colour due to the perming process


ALWAYS recommend a MOISTURE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER. We recommend “Platinum Lockz" products – Deep Moisturising Shampoo, Deep Moisturising Conditioner, Leave In Moisturiser, Intense Hydrating Treatment and Shine Spray

A six week trim is always advised to keep the ends in good condition include the Hair Extension Brush – ADVISE CLIENT to Brush from Roots to Ends to prevent matting