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How many hair extensions will you need?

So, you've decided to purchase some quality hair extensions.  Exciting times! 

You might be thinking all you need to work out is which colour to purchase, and that's certainly something you'll need to think about, but one of the most important aspects to choosing your extensions is how many you will need to purchase.

There's no one size fits all here, as it totally depends on what you want to achieve and what look you're after, whether that be a few sun-kissed highlights up to a full head of mermaid style tresses.

Our hair extensions are sold in packets of 25 grams. 

Generally speaking, to achieve the look you're after you would purchase the following:

  • To fill in a few gaps and/or create some highlights, you would look at purchasing 1 packet / 25 grams.
  • To create more thickness (approx half a head) you will need 2 packets / 50 grams.
  • For a full head, you would need 4 packets / 100 grams.
  • For the ultimate in thickness and coverage (1 1/2 heads), 6 packets / 150 grams is recommended.

If you're unsure on which extensions you need, don't hesitate to chat with us via our website, or contact us by email or phone 0421 762 800 - we would love to help you achieve the look you're after!

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