We love a chic, simple ponytail - even better when it's long and luscious! But did you know there is a lot more you can do with the humble ponytail extensions? Here are a few of our favourite styles right now.

Chic & sleek

chic, sleek low ponytail platinum lockz

Get your straightening iron out, girls! For this super chic low pony you're going to need super sleek hair.  Add a little argan oil serum once your hair is perfectly straight for a little bit of shine.

Weekend ready

pony tail with scarf platinum lockz

For a super cute & casual look, tie a pretty scarf around the base of your ponytail - a fun scrunchie would work well too.  For a more evening-ready look, use a jewel toned silk scarf instead.

Be a tease

high teased ponytail platinum lockz

A beautifully dramatic high ponytail (which gives off that "I'm glam without trying too hard vibe") might take a little more prep-work - but it's worth it.

Start by creating a little texture (a product like our organic sea salt spray would be perfect), then tease small sections of the roots the crown.

Using a heat tool, create gentle waves along the length of your extension (see our blog post here if you're not sure how) and slide your extension in place.

We hope you love these styles and they've given you some new ideas on how to use your ponytail extensions - if you have any questions about these styles or extensions in general, feel free to message us for more info.

Images sourced from Pinterest; original sources have been linked.

Danielle HowKee